Technology development may ease people’s life, but it may lead to issues of humanity. In the fourth industrial revolution, people are demanded not to lose their humanity. At a national seminar on ‘Islamic Education and Industrial Revolution 4.0: Perspectives of Religion and Psychology on Friday (27/4) at a meeting hall of Director of Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Prof. Dr. Abdul Mujib, M.Ag., M.Si. stated that the fourth industrial revolution becomes challenges for university members.  

“The fourth industrial revolution can be noticed through the existence of digital economy, artificial intelligence, big data, and robots. The industrial revolution is about changing humans’ energy and mind into machines. Thus, our respond to the shifts are essential, whether we see them as opportunities, challenges, or threats, or we will avoid the changes, compete, accommodate, compromise, and collaborate,” declared Abdul who is also a professor at Faculty of Psychology of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.  

He added that there are two ways. “First, we prepare and develop human resources in order that they are competitive. Second, we anticipate negative impacts, particularly the humanity loss, and find solutions. In a psychological aspect, we have to evolve and reinforce positive attitudes. It can be undertaken though personal development approaches as being successful, tough, optimistic, kind, happy, health, and loving because Islamic psychology is about mental attitudes and relationship with the Almighty,” mentioned Prof. Abdul.  

Furthermore, Abdul maintained that Islamic psychology specifically admits objective and subjective truths. “Hence, we should be able to achieve the fourth industrial revolution and consider aspects against Islamic values. Indeed, we should prioritize humanity and   empathy towards social condition,” he emphasized.